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We are still operating during the “social distancing” that has been required to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Homes are certainly an essential need and inspecting them is necessary. Home inspectors are well suited to manage the risks associated with exposure to dangerous substances. Our work often involves exposure to extremely dangerous carcinogenic and radioactive materials. This includes substances like radon gas, asbestos, and toxic mold to name a few. We are making a few changes to our procedures. Ordinarily prospective buyers are encouraged to be onsite when inspect. At this time we are not allowing anyone to be in a home we are inspecting. Our respirators are far more effective than the “N95” masks that healthcare workers rely on. Even so, no PPE is guaranteed to be 100% effective. We cannot supply these respirators to clients and cannot even guarantee our own safety, let alone yours. As an alternative, we can provide you with body camera footage of the inspection if you like. Inspections generally take more than 3 hours to complete. This makes for extremely large video files that cannot be emailed. We can copy the file to a USB thumb drive for $5.00 which is our cost for the USB drives. These measures will be in place so long as Ohio remains under the social distancing requirements.

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