Moisture intrusion is probably the single most destructive force a house faces. It often has secondary and tertiary effects as well. Consider a flooded finished basement. Step one, get the water out! This can be no small task but it is the tip of the iceberg. Next, if the carpet was wet for more than 72 hours it probably needs replacing. This is especially true with thick padding. At this point, you have your very own mold factory. Now comes the drywall, as the name suggests, does not do well with water. You will have to remove a significant portion of the bottom of every wall. Wet wood, especially untreated, is no match for water over an extended period of time. It can be a catalyst for wood rotting. It is also possible, depending on how high the water got, that you will need to make repairs to your electric service. Flooding is only one way moisture intrusion happens, and there are a LOT more ways water can damage your home. Be alert and address any issues as soon as they become known. Moisture intrusion issues almost never go away. To make matters worse once you see it, it has likely been going on for weeks or months. The faster you address the issue the less it will cost you.

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