I think they did it wrong.

Cabinets must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Improperly installed cabinets can expose occupants to a great deal of risk. It is easy to overlook just how much of a load is carried by wall cabinets. Most homes have hundreds of pounds of dishes and other flatware while some surpass 1,000lbs. Ideally, wall cabinet installs will include a ledger board. The ledger board is installed first by fastening the board to the studs along the entire run of the cabinets. The ledger board distributes the vertical load evenly across the ledger. If the wall is not plumb shims are used square up the cabinets. It is important that the cabinets be secured to both the wall AND the adjacent cabinets. Cabinet or pan head screws are recommended. The substrate will also dictate the fastener method and material.

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